Bowel Incontinence

The origins of bowel incontinence may be found in a patient’s medical history. Bowel incontinence occurs as an inability to control the release of gas and stool at the desired time. Most patients don’t realize how important bowel control is until they experience a loss of control. There are many treatment options available for bowel incontinence. Not all treatments are appropriate for all patients. The caring, double board certified and Fellowship trained physicians at the Center for Colon & Rectal Health are available to explain the benefits and risks of each option for your condition.

At your appointment at the Center for Colon & Rectal Health, your physician will listen to you and work along with you to identify the specific cause of your bowel control problems and determine the cause and severity of the problem. Keeping a list documenting the daily occurrences of your bowel incontinence or discomfort will make it easier for you to discuss your symptoms with your doctor in answering any questions you may have. During your appointment at Center for Colon & Rectal Health, a thorough review of your medical history will be performed, along with a physical examination. Routine testing may be required depending on your symptoms.

Symptoms can range from minor changes in the ability to control gas to complete loss of control of solid stool, without warning. Injuries to the rectum, loose stools, intestinal diseases or nerve damage to anal muscles can all be contributing factors. Depending on your condition, in some mild cases a simple home exercise program may be recommended with exercises to strengthen the anal muscles. Physical therapy may help patients sense when stool is ready to be evacuated and strengthen the muscles around the anus. In more severe cases, treatment may include medications or surgery. Delaying treatments may have serious medical consequences.

An online appointment request form is available on every page of this website for your convenience in scheduling an appointment at the Center for Colon & Rectal Health.

Patients often experience embarrassment with their inability to control their bowels. The caring medical staff and compassionate physicians at the Center for Colon and Rectal Health possess experience in caring for your condition. CCRH physicians have advanced expertise in the diagnosis of conditions of the colon, rectum and anus, and have been providing three generations of patients who suffer with the inability to control bowel movements with the most advanced state of the art testing and recommendations to manage your bowel incontinence. Treatments range from non-invasive treatments and medications to surgical treatments.

Because of their commitment to improving the quality of life of all CCRH patients, your physician at the Center for Colon & Rectal Health will listen to all of your symptoms in developing a plan for your improved health.

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