Pilonidal Cyst

A pilonidal cyst, also known as Pilonidal Sinus Disease, is a cyst or abscess that forms in the crack at the top of the buttocks.  It can cause severe pain.  If it becomes infected, it might ooze pus, have a foul odor, and even bleed.

How did I get a Pilonidal Cyst?

A pilonidal cyst mostly affects men and is more common in young adults.  The exact causes are unknown, however, it seems to be a combination of changing hormones (because it occurs after puberty), hair growth, friction from clothes, or spending a long time sitting.  Sometimes the sinuses are congenital (you are born with them).

Signs of Infection

You may not notice symptoms of the pilonidal cyst at first.  However, once the area becomes infected, it will quickly develop into a cyst or abscess.

The signs of an infection include:

  • Pain when sitting or standing
  • Swelling of the cyst
  • Reddened, sore skin around the area
  • Pus or blood draining from the abscess causing a foul odor
  • Hair protruding from the lesion
  • Formation of more than one sinus tract or holes in the skin
  • A low-grade fever, but this is much less common

Pilonidal Cyst Prevention

You can prevent the recurrence of a pilonidal cyst by keeping the area clean and dry and by avoiding sitting for long periods.

Pilonidal Cyst Treatment

Typically, broad-spectrum antibiotics manage the infection and reduce discomfort.  Other types of treatment for a pilonidal cyst offered by the trained providers at the Center for Colon & Rectal Health include lancing, injection, and surgery.  A thorough examination and further discussion will allow us to create the treatment plan that is right for you.

More Information

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